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Over 300 sculptors show their art in Tengenenge, each on their own stand. About half of them live in Tengenenge, the others bring their sculptures to be exhibited and sold. The artist receive the stone for free. They are allowed to live in Tengenenge and profit from the facilities.

Tengenenge organisation takes care of the sales. The artists pay a commission to Tengenenge. The commission pays for the mining and common facilities, such as organisation, sales, packing, toilets, water and electricity.

This page shows after the new and former director selected artists with their work in alphabetical order by surname.

Benhura, Dominic

Since December 2007 the new director of Tengenenge.

Dominic is an international well known sculptor from Harare. He had solo exhibitions in the United States, England, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands

Blomefield, Tom Founder and director of Tengenenge from 1966 - december 2007

Born in Johannesburg, S.A., in in 1926. Came to Zimbabwe in 1946 to become a tobacco farmer and chrome miner.

Founded Tengenenge Art Community in 1966, after the economic sanctions to Zimbabwe, in order to give himself and his workers a more meaningful life and a way of earning an income.

He has 4 children, eleven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren

shovel head

Ali, Chitalo

Chitalo was born in Malawi in 1949.

In 1964 he came with his parents to Zimbabwe. In 1969 Tom Blomefield employed him as a gardener. Six months later he started to sculpt.

He is married and has nine children

with "condor"

Amali, Angasi

Born in Tengenenge in 1969.

Daughter of Kilala and Amali Malola, both from Malawian origin and both of the first generation sculptors in Tengenenge.

Angasi started sculpting in 1992.

She was elected as the best female sculptor in 2004 and in 2005.

with "elephant"

Bangura, David

Born in Guruve in 1955. He came to Tengenenge in 1985. He is married to Violet and Sodsiyas and has 14 children. His wives and children live in Mukeara.

He was inspired to sculpt by his uncle Enziwell Kagoda.

spirit head

Bangura, Gift

Born in Guruve in 1968. He started sculpting at primary school. He came to Tengenenge in 1987.

He has two wives and five children.

He was inspired and taught by his grandfather, the famous Henry Munyaradzi.

half moon spirit head

Chakawa, Betias

hiding for rain

Chakawa, Davison

Born in Guruve in 1950. After school he worked first as a carpenter and basket weaver, Henry Munyaradzi taught him to sculpt in 1981.

He has lived already for many years in Tengenenge.

He is married to Margina and has 5 sons. The two oldest were also sculptors in Tengenenge.


Chatsama, Jealous

with "family of chief"

Chintema, Dickson

Born on Tengenenge farm in 1960 . He started sculpting in 1987 and lives in Tengenenge.

He is married and has 4 children.

He was inspired by Wonder Luke.

He is well-known for his tortoises.

Chiroodza, Prosper

Born in Guruve in 1980. Came to Tengenenge in 2003. Inspired by Bornwell Chiwaridzo and Keith Haring.

running from cobra

with exercising

Chirume, Sanwell

Sanwell belongs to the 1st generation of sculptors.

He was born in 1940. He came to Tengenenge in 1972 and started sculpting.

He is married to Anna Fire and has 8 children.

He was inspired by his uncle, the late, but famous, Bernard Matemera.

Chiwaridzo, Bornwell

He was born in Nyamhondoro viilage, Guruve, in 1977. Here he grew up and attended both primary and secondary school.

He started sculpting in 1993. His first sculptures were sold at Chapungu Art Gallery in Harare. He came to Tengenenge in 1997, returned back to Chapungu a year later, but decided to settle down in Tengenenge finally in 1999. He won a prize at the competition orgnised by the Korean Embassy in 2005.

Bornwell is married to Missa Kagore; they have one daughter.

mother and child

Chiwawa, Merchers

Born in Guruve in 1974.

After secondary school he became a fisherman and sculptor at the same time.

He joined Tengenenge as a full time sculptor in 1991.

He teaches in workshops in Germany and the Netherlands.


Chizora, Stephen

Born in Mahawa in 1955.

Started sculpting in in Tengenenge in 1980.

He is married to Madei and they have three children.

Stephen was inspired by bernard Matemera. He is well-known for his abstract knots and whirl winds.

Dickson, Dickson

Born on Tengenenge farm in 1977.

He started stone sculpting when still at school in 1988. He came to Tengenenge in 1997 to become a sculptor by profession.

Dickson was influenced by his uncle Simon Kavanze, a well-known Tengenenge sculptor.

In addition to sculpting he makes together with his father canoes for crossing the Zambesi river.

Dickson lives in Chitsungo village.

Doreka, Semeti

spirit head

Fernanado, Biriyo

Born in Mozambique in 1941.

He came to Zimbabwe in 1960 to work on a farm. Bernard Matemera encouraged him to start stone sculpting.

He lives on Tengenenge farm and works in Tengenenge art village.

He is married to Mazvitirei Nyudea; they have six children. Two are also sculptor.

with "bush buck"

Fire, Victor

Born in Guruve in 1965. Started sculpting in Tengenenge in 1987. He was inspired by Sanwell Chirume and Wonder Luke.

He is married to Shupikai Benjamin from Malawi and they have three children.

He was selected as the best sculptor of Zimbabwe in 2004 by the National Arts Council.

with "bush buck"

Gayihayi, Louis

Born in Mvurwi in 1972 . Married to Sarah, two children. Started sculpting at Guruve school in 1987. Came to Tengenenge in 1988, inspired by his father Wellensky Gayihayi.


Gomo, Steady

Born in Guruve in 1976 . Married to Shemida, three children. He came to Tengenenge in 1984 . Bernard Matemera was his great model.


Gunja, Bester

Born in Guruve in 1976. Came with his parents to Tengenenge at the age of two years. He started sculpting when he was five years old.

Since 1994 he is a full-time sculptor; influenced by his father Enos Gunja.

secret betrayal

Gunja, Enos

Bornin Guruve in 1949.

Belongs to the first generation sculptors. He came to Tengenenge in 1966. He is also known as a poet and storyteller.

He is married to Jennifer and has eight children. Some of them also became sculptors.

guess what I have

Gunja, Master

Born in Tengenenge in 1979.

He started sculpting in 1993, stimulated and inspired by his father Enos Gunja. He also admired Bernard Matemera and Brighton Sango.

From 2001-2003, he was employed as a primary school teacher, but decided to come back to Tengenenge to be a full-time sculptor.

He is married to Charity.

with "united community"

Hore, Edward

Born in Chuwishe in 1979 . He came to Tengenenge in 2000. He is married and has one child.

with "extended family"

Jam, Morgan

Born in Guruve in 1963,

He started sculpting in Tengenenge in 1980; he still lives and works there.

Morgan is regular invited to teach in workshops in Europe.

He is married and has four children.

chief of African spirits

Kafara, Sample

Born in Guruve in 1968. He came to Tengenenge in 1986. He is married and has 4 children.

He wants to become as famous as Bernard Matemera.

"with courting birds"

Kagore, Conductor

Born in Matsvitsi, Guruve area, in 1954.

He is married and has three children.

He started making baskets and bamboo stools.

He followed Davison Chakawa to Tengenenge to sculpt in 1987.

moon mother and child

Kagore, Forias

Born in Guruve in 1958. He came to Tengenenge in 1979. He is married and has five children.He was inspired by Edward Chiwawa.

He is well-known for his frogs.

Kagore, Ringas
Kambuzuma, Richard

Born in Guruve in 1966. Married to Chaster, 4 children. Used to work as a driver for Tom Blomefield. Is influenced by Henry Munyaradzi.

Well-known for his 'playing babies'.

Kanewena, Mishek

sleeping mother

Kasvinge, Farai

whirlwind angel

Kasvinge, Michael

elegant lady

Katanda, Richard

with "close family"

Kavanze, Simon

Born in Tengenenge in 1968. He started sculpting in 1975. He still lives in Tengenenge.

He is married to Wadzairai; they have 3 children

He is inspired by his father, Simon Machire.

calling for rain

Makurirofa, Anthony

Born in Mashingo in 1962. Married to Maud Muhoni. Started as a woodcarver. Met Tom Blomefield in 1993 in the National Gallery in Harare. Tom encouraged him to come to Tengenenge and to sculpt in stone.He is well-known for his beautiful heads.

Malola, Amali

Born in Malawi in 1914. Married to Kilala. They have nine children, four died.

Came to Zimbabawe to work on the tobacco farm of Tom Blomefield in 1964 . Started sculpting in Tengenenge in 1967.

He is the oldest sculptor in Tengenenge; still very active.

please . . .

Malola, Kilala

Born in Malawi in 1930.

She came in 1967 to Tengenenge.

She is married to Amali and has 9 children, four died.

mother and child

Mangiza, Mabvuto

Born in Harare in 1964. His parents came from Mozambique.

He started sculpting at school.

He begun his professional life as a motor mechanic and worked later at a game reserve near Tengenenge.

He became a full time sculptor in Tengenenge in 2000. He married Doress and they have one daughter.

with "praying ladies"

Manzi, Janet

Born in 1942 in Zimbabwe. She has Malawian parents.

Married to Josiah Manzi.

She then moved to Tengenenge farm and started sculpting, too.

She has 7 children. Two of her sons also became sculptors: Bakari (who died in 2002) and Moveti.


Manzi, Josiah

Born in Mvurwi area in 1933. Came to Tengenenge in 1967. He is a first generation sculptor. Married to Janet; 7 children. Father of the sculptors Bakari Manzi and Moveti Manzi. Four grandsons are sculptors, too.


Manzi, Moveti

Born in Tengenenge in 1964.

Son of Josiah and Janet Manzi.

He started sculpting at the age of 6 years, learning from his father.

rain bird

Cracks Serials Keygens Free
Maposa, Farison

Born in Mukosa village, near Mt. darwin, in 1963.

He came to Tengenenge in 1982 and started sculpting. He was inspired by Simon Kavanze.

His first wife Stenzia, died without having children. With his second wife Dadirai Saire he has two children. The whole family lives in Tengenenge.


Mavhura, Patrick
Mbonge, December

Born in Tengenenge in 1970. Married and has with 3 children. Son of Luxmore Mbonge, sculptor of the first generation sculptors in Tengenenge.

waiting for rain

Meza, Paulo

Born in Mpindi, Mozambique, in 1932.

In 1949 he emigrated to Zimbabwe to look for work. In 1969 he started sculpting in Tengenenge, but returned after some time to cattle herding. in 1988 he began to sculpt again, this time with more success.

He is also a painter.


Muchada, Charles

Born in Mangura in 1983.

Started sculpting in 1999.

Influenced by Bernard Zindonda of Tengenenge.


Mugugu, Miacos

Born in the Guruve district in 1978. He started sculpting in 1998 and came to Tengenenge in the same year.

He is married to Vonjai and has two children.

day and night

Mukusa, Joel

Born in Guruve in 1979. Married to Netsai. Came to Tengenenge in 1999. He is inspired by Chairos Muchembrere.

Mupindiko, Passmore

Born in Guruve in 1975 . He started as a wood carver in 1992. He was encouraged by Alexander Makati, Bernard Matemera and Alice Musarara to sculpt in stone.

paradise bird

Murengwa, Robert

Born in Guruve in 1973. Started sculpting at home in 1995, inspired by Dominique Benhura and Bernard Matemera.

Came to Tengenenge in 1997.


Murombedzi, Manager

Born in Guruve in 1962 . Started sculpting at home in 1987. Came to Tengenenge in 1988 . Married to Abegel; two children. His family lives in Guruve. Manager died in 2006.

with tucan

Mushonga, David

Born in Centenary, Chiweshe in 1953.

He joined Tengenenge in 1987.

He has been influenced by Bernard Matemera.

His work is sold to galleries and collectors all over the world.

sitting boy

Muzeya, Ronniey

Born in Guruve in 1971. Married to Tryness Katana, three children. Started sculpting as a schoolboy; he was inspired by Henry Munyaradzi. He came to Tengenenge in 1994.


Phiri, Nimrod

Born in Guruve in 1971. He came to Tengenenge in 1999. He is married and has 4 children. He is the younger brother of Fanwell Phiri.

African family

Seda, Edson

Born in 1977 in Sarabani, He came to Tengenenge in 1992. He is married and has two children. He is influenced by his brother Sample Kafara.

with leaf head

Seda, Gift

Gift was born in Centenary in 1981.

His father came to work for Tom Blomefield as a cook in Tengenenge in 1982. He started sculpting youn, inspired by his environment. The late Bakari Manzi helped him to become a full-time sculptor.

looking glas

Shawu, Douglas

Born in Tengenenge in 1980. Married to Chipo, one child.

His father was a driver at the farm of Tom Blomefield.

springstone head

Simon, Crimio

Born in Muzarabani in 1974

He came to Tengenenge in 1994. He is married and has two children.

Started working for Dhewu Bangura as an assistant sculptor. He was influenced by Bester Bauren.


Simms, Issa

Born in Chilazulu district, Malawi, in 1969.

Issa started sculpting in 1993, influenced by his brother in law, Bester Bauren.

With exception of a two year period, he has been a full-time sculptor in Tengenenge.

He won both the first price in a competition organised by the Korean Ambassador in 2005.

He is married to Elisabeth James; they have one child. He also has two children out of a former marriage.

with "kings head"

Tahwa, Knowledge


Tembo, Enock

Born on Mount Selinta in 1960. He came to Tengenenge in 1993. He is married to Shupikai. He is inspired by Moses Mafigu.

bird bath

Tembo, Juja

Born in 1970.

He started sculpting in 1998, influenced by his brother Wilfred Tembo.


Tembo, Wilfred

Born in Centanary in 1965. Came to Tengenenge in 1993. Married. Specialises in cats and baboons and chairs. His son Knowledge Tembo is also a sculptor.

lion family

Tsedze, Tafirei

Born ion Tengenenge farm in 1982 . He came to Tengenenge sculptors village in 1998 .

He wants to be independent and not work for somebody.

working on "singers"

Zvabata, Hebaron

Born in Guruve in 1974.

Started sculpting in 1989.

He was influenced by Edward Chiwawa.

day and night

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